September 2022

All About Mt. Omuro

Local geologists describe Mt. Ōmuro as a scoria cone volcano – aka a cinder cone. “Cinder cones are the most common type of volcano in the world. They are small in comparison to the other types of volcanoes. In fact, they’re only tens to hundreds of meters in size. But at the same time, they’re very steep typically with a bowl-shaped crater at the summit.”

New Year’s Fireworks 2022

Japanese people love fireworks, and Japan has many famous fireworks festivals that attract thousands of spectators.

Wander a little off the beaten track in Japan, and you will discover local fireworks events with a real hometown character.

New year’s eve fireworks are a good opportunity to experience this type of small town cultural event.

One major difference from bigger events, is how an MC announces local sponsors before each successive round of fireworks.

The Japanese Bath – お風呂

The process of washing one’s body is kind of different here in Japan. So different that it needs some detailed explaining. Let’s start with a picture from Panasonic’s website (yes, Panasonic, the company that made those transistor radios way back then). They make just about everything for the Japanese domestic market.

Izu Peninsula Geology

Izu’s geology is perhaps its most unique feature. For example, this peninsula is the only land mass in Japan that sits on the Philippine Sea Plate.

Because of its violent geological past, Izu has steep mountains that rise up from the sea. It was easier to reach Izu by boat than by land for most of its history. So much of Izu’s culture is a result of its geology.