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About Izu Rhythm

People have a unique identity . . . so do places

That unique identity is what gives a place its pulse, or rhythm.

‘Place’ is a concept defined by its geography, its climate, its fauna and flora, and by the people who live and work there.

As we go about our daily lives, all of these elements work together to create a rhythm that is found only here.

This rhythm becomes a part of you, it affects the way you see the world. The relationship between you and your ‘place’ plays a role in what makes you unique.

Izu Rhythm was created and is maintained by an American expat living in Izu,

but travelers from many countries have discovered the charm of Izu.

The rhythm here in Izu is sometimes calm, sometimes exciting, but most of all enlightening. By sharing our impressions of Izu, we hope that you will be able to feel this unique rhythm and gain something positive from it.

We welcome you and sincerely thank you for visiting.
We welcome contributions in English from those who would like to share their impressions of this unique place. If you have an article and/or some photos that you’d like to share with the English speaking world, please send an inquiry via our contact form below.

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