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Izu is full of stunning scenery (it’s a UNESCO Geopark), world class diving, majestic mountains, delicious food and unique experiences. There is so much to do and see.
Here’s a list of links to businesses with English speaking staff and sites with English info. If you know of others, please let us know via our contact page.


Places to stay

Locally owned lodgings
Futo House
(English speaking staff)
Izu House
(English speaking staff)
陽気館 Yokikan
(a classic hot springs hotel)

Corporate Hotels
Kawana Hotel
Kai Anjin
K’s House
Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Hotel

Local Tours in English

Resources for Japan

Want to visit Japan? Here are some of the best resources for planning nd hearing what others say.

Travel Planning
  Japan National Tourist Organization
Expert private travel consulting
  TS Japan Railway Travel
  The Real Japan
Facebook: Glimpses of Japan | Go to Japan


Things to do and see

Seamon Shimoda: Really great guide for activities in and around Shimoda with English speaking staff.

Shuzenji Washi Workshop: A rare opportunity to learn all aspects of the traditional Japanese craft of paper making.


Tourist Offices Around Izu

Explore Shizuoka – The BEST guide to all things Shizuoka
Beautiful Izu – A consortium of tourist offices throughout Izu.
City of Itō Tourist Division (Choose English from a drop down menu)
Izu City Tourist Division (Choose English from a drop down menu)
Higashi Izu City Tourism Division (Choose English from a drop down menu)
Kawazu City Tourism Division (Choose English from a drop down menu)
Shimoda City Tourist Division


Resources for Izu

Izu Link
Izu Link is a site by Yoshiro Aoki, a local resident of Ito who is also a member of the Ito City Council. Aoki-san owns the charming and delicious Chit-Chat Cafe in Ito and comes from a long line of Japanese confectionery makers here. For any local knowledge about Ito and Izu, especially local food, Aoki-san is the man!

Iza-Izu is a blog site maintained by Yuji Funamoto, an expert on the old highways and pilgrimage routes of the Izu Peninsula. There are some amazing stories behind these old roads, and Funamoto-san brings them to life.
The site is in Japanese, so you’ll have to run it through Google Translate or similar.

We’re always adding more resources and links.

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