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Welcome to Jimmy's Izu Blog

Hi there! I’m Jimmy, an American guy living in the city of Ito, on Japan’s Izu Peninsula.

Izu is a very unique part of Japan for many reasons. Geologically, it’s a series of volcanic islands that clustered together and crashed into Japan thousands of years ago. Historically, it’s a place connected to the beginning and the end of Japan’s Shogun leadership and the beginning of Japan-US relations. It’s a modern vacation resort area surrounded by ancient towns and villages, and it has some of Japan’s highest concentration of onsen  hot springs. That’s just for starters.

I love Izu. I live here, work here, shop here and am often out and about in the community. I know many dimensions of Izu that tourists don’t see.

Please browse my blog posts below. Comments and questions are always welcome. I hope you find something interesting and come back again.

If you ever have a chance to visit Izu and want to join a tour, please visit Jimmy’s Izu Tours.



Resort 21
Izu's Transformation by Rail
The Izu Peninsula's natural beauty and plentiful hot springs make it one of the top vacation destinations for domestic tourists in Japan. While the scenery and hot springs have been around for a long time,...
Hanami Season in Japan: Easier Than You Think
Here in Izu, we have some of the earliest blooming varieties of sakura (cherry trees). The most famous is the Kawazuzakura, which begins to bloom in the beginning of February and peaks around the second...
DIY - The Japanese Way
Learning the metric system seemed to be an advantage, but I wasn't prepared for the "shaku"! When I went to buy some siding for my first shed, the panels were measured in shaku. What the hell is a shaku?...
Mt. Fuji from Mt
Mt. Omuro's Sengen Shrine
The Izu Peninsula’s Mt. Omuro is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Japan’s Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.
Japanese Rice Paddies
Visit a Japanese Village
Everything about Japanese culture can be traced back to its rural villages. Japanese language, behavior, rituals, and diet can be traced back to a small village tucked away in a remote mountain valley. How...
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