Izu Rhythm

Izu Rhythm

Life on Japan's Izu Peninsula

Welcome to Jimmy's Izu Blog

Hello! Thanks for visiting. I’m Jimmy, an American expat living in the city of Ito, on Japan’s Izu Peninsula.

This blog is here to help you learn about Izu, a very popular vacation spot for Japanese folks. These posts also include lots of general information about Japan so you can apply what you learn to your encounters with other parts of Japan.

Your comments and questions are always welcome. There is a comments section at the bottom of each post, and a separate contact page as well. I hope you find something interesting and come back again.

If you ever have a chance to visit Izu and would like to join a great tour, please visit Jimmy’s Izu Tours.



Ito Sukechika Matsuri
Things to do in Izu - May 2023
If you've been thinking about visiting Izu, the last two weekends in May are are a great time to do so. There are lots of things to do in Izu!
Shimoda Black Ship Festival
Shimoda's biggest annual festival commemorates that era with the Kurofune Matsuri (Black Ship Festival). The first festival was held in 1934 as a way to honor the five crew members of Admiral Matthew...
History of Ito Onsen
The history of Ito's onsen dates back well over a thousand years. According to legend, the onsen were discovered during the Nara period...
Traditional Crafts in Izu
I've often lamented that many of the old ways are nowhere to be found in Izu, but I understand why. People have no practical reasons to preserve the past, and few young people have the interest nor the...
Jogasaki Coast 1
Japan's Izu Peninsula - A Hidden Gem
If you're looking to explore Japan and take a break from the crowds in Tokyo and Kyoto, Izu may be just the place you're looking for. This peninsula located in the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture and...
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