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Hello! Thanks for visiting. I’m Jimmy, an American expat living in the city of Ito, on Japan’s Izu Peninsula.

This blog is here to help you learn about Izu, a very popular vacation spot for Japanese folks. These posts also include lots of general information about Japan so you can apply what you learn to your encounters with other parts of Japan.

Your comments and questions are always welcome. There is a comments section at the bottom of each post, and a separate contact page as well. I hope you find something interesting and come back again.

If you ever have a chance to visit Izu and would like to join a great tour, please visit Jimmy’s Izu Tours.


Gokusenji – First US Consulate in Japan

Gyokusenji was the first US consulate in Japan and was occupied by Townsend Harris, America's first resident diplomat.

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Higashiuraji – Old East Izu Road

A well preserved section of the Higashiuraji (or Shimoda Kaido), an ancient road in eastern Izu, Japan

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Izu Peninsula Geology

Izu's geology is perhaps its most unique feature. For example, this peninsula is the only land mass in Japan that sits on the Philippine Sea...

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