The Red Cow of Ike

In the village of Ike sits a Buddhist temple called Ryukeiin. It was built 502 years ago and replaced an older temple that was haunted by a murderous red cow.

There are several variations to the story. The story below is a translation of one of the more compassionate versions.



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All that remains of the ancient Fukusenji temple is a five stone memorial, and a historical marker.

The sign barely mentions the temple, and instead focuses on the stone memorial.


Stone pagoda (five-ring pagoda) at the entrance of Fukusenji Site

This pagoda is called a “stone pagoda,” but it is thought to be a “five-ring pagoda” rather than a mere stone pagoda.

If the bottom stone is called “Shimodai” and the next is called “Kamodai”, then the top is called “Godai”, which means “Five Elements” in ancient India. Earth * Water * Fire * Wind * Sky.

Ike Historical Research Association, November, 2008″

Statue of Kensoyo Yamato Osho, founding priest of Ryukeiin (the story's Yoshitaka Izumi).

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