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Izu Rhythm

Life on Japan's Izu Peninsula

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I’m an American living in Ito on the Izu Peninsula. I love this place. I love the new Izu – the one developed by the Izukyu Railroad Corporation around 1960 – and I love the old Izu, with a history going back thousands of years. I live, work  and volunteer in the community. I know lots of hidden places that tourists don’t see. I love the history and how locals have figured out how to survive and thrive in this rugged, volcanic cluster of islands that slammed into the Japanese mainland tens of thousands of years ago.

Please read my entries about Izu. Excuse the mistakes (or point them out). Comment, ask questions, let me know what else you’d like to know. Most of all, enjoy!


The Giant Snake of Mt. Omuro
At the bottom of the west slope of Mt. Ōmuro is a large, open pit. On the edge of the pit is a cave that goes deep into the volcano, probably a collapsed lava tube. Legend has it that a daija (giant snake)...
Hanshiro Otoshi
A local legend about a loving couple and their tragic legacy.
Gokusenji - First US Consulate in Japan
Gyokusenji was the first US consulate in Japan and was occupied by Townsend Harris, America's first resident diplomat.
Higashiuraji - Old East Izu Road
A well preserved section of the Higashiuraji (or Shimoda Kaido), an ancient road in eastern Izu, Japan
Izu Peninsula Geology
Izu's geology is perhaps its most unique feature. For example, this peninsula is the only land mass in Japan that sits on the Philippine Sea Plate. Because of its violent geological past, Izu has steep...