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Hello! Thanks for visiting. I’m Jimmy, an American expat living in the city of Ito, on Japan’s Izu Peninsula.

This blog is here to help you learn about Izu, a very popular vacation spot for Japanese folks. These posts also include lots of general information about Japan so you can apply what you learn to your encounters with other parts of Japan.

Your comments and questions are always welcome. There is a comments section at the bottom of each post, and a separate contact page as well. I hope you find something interesting and come back again.

If you ever have a chance to visit Izu and would like to join a great tour, please visit Jimmy’s Izu Tours.



Asahi Falls - Izu City
Five tiered waterfalls with a famous shakuhachi history.
All About Mt. Omuro
Local geologists describe Mt. Ōmuro as a scoria cone volcano - aka a cinder cone. "Cinder cones are the most common type of volcano in the world. They are small in comparison to the other types of volcanoes....
New Year's Fireworks 2022
Japanese people love fireworks, and Japan has many famous fireworks festivals that attract thousands of spectators. Wander a little off the beaten track in Japan, and you will discover local fireworks...
Panasonic Unit Bath
The Japanese Bath - お風呂
The process of washing one's body is kind of different here in Japan. So different that it needs some detailed explaining. Let's start with a picture from Panasonic's website (yes, Panasonic, the company...
The Giant Snake of Mt. Omuro
At the bottom of the west slope of Mt. Ōmuro is a large, open pit. On the edge of the pit is a cave that goes deep into the volcano, probably a collapsed lava tube. Legend has it that a daija (giant snake)...