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Izu Rhythm

Life on Japan's Izu Peninsula

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I’m an American living in Ito on the Izu Peninsula. I love this place. I love the new Izu – the one developed by the Izukyu Railroad Corporation around 1960 – and I love the old Izu, with a history going back thousands of years. I live, work  and volunteer in the community. I know lots of hidden places that tourists don’t see. I love the history and how locals have figured out how to survive and thrive in this rugged, volcanic cluster of islands that slammed into the Japanese mainland tens of thousands of years ago.

Please read my entries about Izu. Excuse the mistakes (or point them out). Comment, ask questions, let me know what else you’d like to know. Most of all, enjoy!


Bucky Shirakata2
Izu and Hawaii
One of the things I noticed when I first moved to Izu is that people are nuts about anything Hawaiian. While the same can be said about Japanese people in general, I didn't see as many expressions of Hawaii...
Asahi Falls - Izu City
Five tiered waterfalls with a famous shakuhachi history.
All About Mt. Omuro
Local geologists describe Mt. Ōmuro as a scoria cone volcano - aka a cinder cone. "Cinder cones are the most common type of volcano in the world. They are small in comparison to the other types of volcanoes....
New Year's Fireworks 2022
Japanese people love fireworks, and Japan has many famous fireworks festivals that attract thousands of spectators. Wander a little off the beaten track in Japan, and you will discover local fireworks...
Panasonic Unit Bath
The Japanese Bath - お風呂
The process of washing one's body is kind of different here in Japan. So different that it needs some detailed explaining. Let's start with a picture from Panasonic's website (yes, Panasonic, the company...