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Izu Rhythm

Life on Japan's Izu Peninsula

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I’m an American living in Ito on the Izu Peninsula. I love this place. I love the new Izu – the one developed by the Izukyu Railroad Corporation around 1960 – and I love the old Izu, with a history going back thousands of years. I live, work  and volunteer in the community. I know lots of hidden places that tourists don’t see. I love the history and how locals have figured out how to survive and thrive in this rugged, volcanic cluster of islands that slammed into the Japanese mainland tens of thousands of years ago.

Please read my entries about Izu. Excuse the mistakes (or point them out). Comment, ask questions, let me know what else you’d like to know. Most of all, enjoy!


The Red Cow of Ike
In the village of Ike sits a Buddhist temple called Ryukeiin. It was built 502 years ago and replaced an older temple that was haunted by a murderous red cow. There are several variations to the story....
Who was Miura Anjin?
Itō's biggest festival is called Anjin sai and it celebrates the life and accomplishments of Miura Anjin (William Adams). Dancing, a taiko drumming competition and a fireworks show featuring more than...
Tale of the Kōgitsune (baby fox)
In the Totari (十足) valley, just north of Mt. Ōmuro, there is a Buddhist temple by the name of Ryūnji (龍雲寺). In a prominent location just outside the main entrance to the temple, there is a Shinto shrine...
Jogasaki Cultural Museum
Lingua Franca - Jogasaki Museum
Behind the Izu Kogen train station, on the other side of the tracks, is one of the area's many unique museums. The Jogasaki Cultural Museum is a place to learn about Izu history and culture,  view art...
Izu Wasabi - Japan's Best!
Sushi has become very popular throughout the world. Perhaps the most recognizable ingredient in sushi is wasabi. By now, many sushi lovers know that the wasabi they have on their sushi is not actually...